Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There's a hair in my bed

Let me just sing my husband's praises for a minute here. I have the best husband. He is such a hard worker. He is beautiful. He is passionate and sensitive. He is the first person I want to tell everything to. Nobody can make me laugh like he does. He is patient beyond belief. He does more for me and the kids than most husbands I know. He is so above and beyond what I deserve!

That being said, sometimes I get sooo grossed out by him. Is this just me? Living with a man is so disgusting. I could list all kinds of things...don't get me started. But the worst is his curly hair. I LOVE my husband's thick, dark, curly hair. The problem is, finding little black curly hairs everywhere can be kind of disturbing. You never know if they came from his head...or other places. I pulled the sheets off our bed to wash them today, and there were HUNDREDS of little, black, curly hairs on his side...all pushed down to the foot of the bed. ?????

Am I the only one who has these issues?