Sunday, April 12, 2009

You know your wardrobe is limited when....

...the following conversation ensues with your 6 yr. old.

Owen: I'm sleepy. Maybe we should all go home and take naps (giggles here because the idea is ludicrous in his mind).


Owen: Do you take a nap every day, Mom?

Me: No. In fact, I was gone all day today working. I barely had time to take a shower before I picked you up.

Owen: took a shower! THAT'S why you're wearing those clothes.

Me: What do you mean?

Owen: Every time you take a shower you put those same clothes on.


And as a side note, yesterday he said:

"Do we have to go to church tomorrow?"

and I said "Yes- it's Sunday"

and he said (in a whiny voice) "But it's EASTER!"

And yes- we definitely had a talk about what Easter is a celebration of.