Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 2.....and 3 and 4.

Yep- I already got way behind. But we are BUSY, dangit. Cut me some slack. Besides, based on my last post (Day 1...), nobody cares much anyway! ;)

Saturday night, we headed over to my parents' house and went to church with them on Sunday morning. Then we spent pretty much the next two days doing this...

That's right. Read my "Rockband face" and weep. I am becoming a professional. This was the first time I had every played, and I was a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d. to it. I forced the family to play constantly so I could improve my skillllzzz. My dad had the latest Beatles version, and we completely conquered the entire game (if that tells you how much we played). So fun. Owen became quite a pro on the drums, too.

G-Mommy spoiled the kids while we were there- taking them to Toys R Us to buy early bday presents, and taking them to see Princess and the Frog.

Hazel fell in love with Aunt Paige on this trip. I'm pretty sure all it took was Paige buying her a princess coloring book and then coloring in it with her. On the way to bed that night, Hazel whispered in my ear "I love Paige...she's my best friend."

Here's a random sequence of pictures that Hazel asked me to take so she could make a bunch of different faces.

She even let Paige cut her hair. It's been getting quite scraggly because she refuses to let anyone cut it. She was juuuuust tired enough this night to not be able to protest.

My mom made my favorite meal (her chicken tetrazini) and one of her delicious cakes with homemade fudge frosting for an early celebration of my birthday. I didn't want the production of 31 candles, so I stuck a knife in the middle and called it a day. This picture just cracked me up. I don't know why my dad appears to be reprimanding me, or why both of my children look demonic, OR why Paige and I are making such tardo faces.

She even let me lick the fudge pan (a first).

Then on Tuesday, we jumped in the car with Sarah and Jen and drove 3 1/2 hours to Thomasville where Nathan's dad and grandma live. We drove straight to Nana's house and spent a lovely afternoon on her porch. The weather was beautiful, and her yard was just the epitome of Spring in the South. Moss hanging from the oaks, pear and plum trees in bloom, bees buzzing around our heads. We (I) just couldn't pass up the picture opportunities.

Across from Nana's house, there is a little farm with a mule, a horse, and a donkey. We took over some apples to coax them in our general direction.

This one was the mule....I think it was the biggest mule in the world. Huge. He was in love with Owen.

From Nana's house, we drove over to Nathan's aunt's house. Teresa has a beautiful home- I wish I had taken pictures (that's NOT it in the background). But we spent most of our time outside in the beautiful weather. They had a trampoline that the kids couldn't tear themselves away from.

We even had a family jumping session. This was my favorite picture. Hazel did lots of face plants, and I was happy to capture one in progress.

Then we sat on Teresa's beautiful porch and reminisced until dinner. Here are the kids with Nana.

At some point, Sarah made a comment to insinuate that she could run faster than Nathan. When he scoffed at the idea, she started asking people who they would "put money on" in a race. Of course I picked Nathan. It was quite an event- we all went out ot the yard to record and time and watch this race. As you will see, Nathan easily won. He even slows down at one point to let her catch up and still wins.

Excuse Hazel's screaming. She somehow thought she was a part of this race and was a little discouraged by how quickly her components left her in their dust.

We drove home from Thomasville at 8:30 and got back to Ghee's house at about midnight. Went to bed at 1:30 and spent the entire next day (day 5) laying in bed and lounging around the house while it rained and rained and rained. That evening we spent some time at my friend Summer's house playing with her kids and then got a delicious potato pizza from Partner's Pizza. MAN I miss that pizza.....I think I will go have some for breakfast right now.