Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yesterday, I took Hazel to the new children's museum with some friends. We stayed for 4 hours to make sure we got our money's worth! This place was so much fun. Hazel could have stayed all day. And I could have spent all day ogling the art work. They had used recylables in the most creative ways to decorate. It was really impressive- I will have to take pics next time. Once again, I didn't have my camera, so you will have to suffer through some more pics from my phone. These are worse because we were indoors, and those girls didn't stand still for a second!

The girls LOVED the grocery store. It was SO realistic. They just couldn't get enough.

Brookie acted as cashier while Hazel cranked the belt to send her the groceries. Unfortunately, Gracie, Paige and Hazel didn't want to wait in line, and therefore they all probably looked in their bags when they got home and thought "Hey! I didn't buy that! And where is my oatmeal?"

Right next door was a huge kitchen (every little girl's dream) where you could make a pizza and decorate it with all sorts of "toppings." They loved making pizza after pizza and serving it to us. Us moms got very full.

Hazel serving a fresh, hot pizza to Ruth.

Dropping balls onto the ball ramp/maze and watching them roll down

In the noodle maze

There were little reading stations in every room, and Gracie and Paige actually took advantage of one!

All the girls loved painting this house. Gracie went crazy with her brush and managed to cover herself (and Paige) with pink paint. Hazel, on the other hand, painted for about 2 minutes and then realized that she was getting paint on herself and wanted to quit. Just as she was trying to take off her smock, she accidentally hit herself in the forehead with her brush and got reeeaaaallly mad. I wish I had a picture of the look on her face when she yelled to me "It's NOT funny!"

After all that fun, we managed to muster up a little extra energy so we could join Owen's class for his Valentine's party. It was really cute to watch them all acting embarassed as they read their valentines.

What is this face?

At one point, I was talking to Owen's friend Jack. He was telling me that he was about to have a baby sister. I said "Really? I didn't know your mom was pregnant!" and Owen got a really concerned look on his face and said "Did your mom get married yet?" HA! At least he knows the proper order of things.