Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mraz Mania

I can't believe it has taken me so long to post about my Jason experience. I have no idea why, but blogger has not been letting me upload videos lately. I let one sit and "process" for TWO DAYS and it never uploaded. I'm so sad!!! I wish you could see why I love Jason Mraz so much. I'm so thankful that Paige introduced us years ago. He is just so talented. I love his voice (which sounds amazing live!), his lyrics seriously move me, he has such a sense of humor with his music, and he is such a happy, funny, engaging performer. I love him.

I convinced two friends to come watch me swoon over Jason Mraz when he came to Tempe. I didn't think I could be more in love with him, but the way he sways his hips and caresses his guitar....holy cow. Sexy.

Anyway- it was a three day music festival with a LOT of performers. Friday night was apparently for the old folks...the line-up was as follows:

Colbie Caillat
Gavin Rossdale
THE B-52s!!! (WHAT THE CRAP!?!)
Jason Mraz
Rob Thomas

So, yeah....we were obviously only there for Jason (although it was a fun flashback to hear Gavin performing some old school Bush). We arrived in the middle of Gavin Rossdale's performance, ate some food, found a spot to set up camp, and decided to sit and relax (and conserve our energy) throughout the very trippy, very annoying B-52s performance. Here's what I stared at the whole time they were on stage:

Why was she even standing up? She was like 15! I know she wasn't into the B-52s! Which brings me to another question...why was she even there?!?

We didn't think there was any reason for us to bring our I.D.s since we don't drink alcohol, but when we arrived we realized that they had completely split the crowd. One whole side was alcoholic and the other side was teenagers, old conservatives, and us. Our crowd was booooring. Although there were a couple of bedazzled and sequined weirdos jammin to Love Shack.

Then, of course, as we were trying to move up for Jason's set, we somehow got stuck behind the tallest person there (who also happened to have a stinky gas issue).

I finally crowded him enough that he got the message and moved over. My nose was thankful.

Me, Melissa, and Shannon

Jason on the jumbotron: