Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Bumblebee and a pink poodle!!!!"

For Halloween, we went to a block party in my friend Bekah's neighborhood. When we went trick-or treating around her block, we stopped at one door where a sweet little old man answered and was trying to guess what everyone was dressed as. The boy in front of us was Thomas the Train and the man said "Oh- Spongebob!" if that gives you any idea of his guessing abilities.

So our turn comes, and my kids step forward. He says "Ohhhh...what do we have here? A princess and a space man!" and Hazel yelled, "Nooooo! Bumblebee and a pink poodle!!!!" but he just smiled and nodded and moved on to the next set of kids.
I think the space man was a pretty good guess for a guy his age who has probably never seen Transformers, but what kind of princess carries around a big dog head?! Weird.

We have been on a sugar high for 4 straight bout you?