Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Girls

Can I just gush for a minute? I love my Young Women. LOVE! I actually can't believe I haven't posted about them before this. I haven't stopped thinking about them since I was called as YW president on March 22nd. They are such a diverse group of girls, and they are all so smart and witty and talented and beautiful. I just love being around them.

So....tonight we went on a night hike up North Mountain. I'm pretty sure my legs died and fell off my body halfway up the mountain (especially since I did dead lifts at the gym this morning), but we had a BLAST. I'm sure some of the girls wouldn't use the word blast, but I thought everyone seemed to enjoy themselves in their own special way. :)

Most of the crew (a couple of girls went down the other side of the mountain).

Our wildly fun presidency

Oh wait...we're being serious now?
Our caRAzy bishop...
...who walked all the way to the top holding an infant.
Some of the girls (and Tamera) decided it would be cool to roll down the steep parking lot pavement. Ouch. I could hear skin slapping the pavement over and over.

Lacie & Jordan
We did it!!!

Amanda and Melanie were ready to go and got sick of us taking pictures...so of course we took their picture.

Summer, Casey and Amanda made it down way before anyone else. Could that be because they never went to the top?!?! ;)

Jordan and Karalyn looking adorable

I have to share one very classic Jordan moment because I know she will be reading this. She decided to tell a blonde joke and she told it like this:
"How do you drown a blonde in a swimming pool? You put a mirror on the bottom of the ground."
We think she meant the bottom of the pool, but maybe we were all confused.
A couple of weeks ago we made ice cream in plastic bags. It was an interesting experiment. Luckily these girls can make just about anything fun and exciting.
Melanie being Melanie
Is it working?

Karen shaking the heck out of her bag

Ice cream makes Alicia happy
I can't wait for girls camp. I just can't get enough of them!!!