Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scaredy Cat

Against my better judgement, I let Owen play some Goosebumps games on the computer the other day. I no longer let him watch this show because it always causes nightmares, but the games looked pretty harmless. Things like "Create a Monster" where you pick funny body parts, etc. to make up your own monster. This couldn't scare him, right?

Putting him to bed tonight, the following conversation ensued:

Owen: "I'm scared"
Me: "There's nothing to be scared of"
Owen: "I don't want to have bad dreams. Those Goosebumps games scared me and I think I will have bad dreams now."
Me: "But you have to remember that they are only dreams- they are not real. Just funny thoughts that come into your head while you are sleeping."
Owen: "Why?"
Me: "Well....sometimes it has to do with what you were thinking about before you went to sleep, so maybe you should think of something funny before you fall a bunch of cats dancing." (first thing that came into my head)
Owen giggled a little bit and then hesitated before saying:
"That's kind of scary."

So I tried to look up some dancing cats to show him, and he's right! They ARE kind of scary.