Monday, March 9, 2009

La Familia

This weekend my aunt and cousins came to visit. They drove all the way here from East Texas, convincing me that they must REALLY love me. We laughed a lot and learned a few things about each other. The visit was way too short (considering I hadn't seen some of them for almost four years), and it was hard to pick a highlight of our visit. It was a toss up between our scenic trip to Sedona and Hazel's scary, screaming fits. The only reason I chose Sedona was because I didn't have any pictures to document Hazel's episodes.

My sweet cousin Jennifer and her daughter, Jordan (sweet baby cousin)
Yipee!!! Sedona, baby!

The whole crew

Partners in crime

The Church on the Rock

Jennifer looking sad to leave. :(

We miss them so much, and I'm sure they are desperately missing Hazel's tantrums.

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