Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy ending for a mindless twit...

Nathan and I got up this morning with seriously upset stomachs that just got worse throughout the day. I won't go into details, but I felt that it was an important addition to this story- especially considering the fact that we are both getting on airplanes tomorrow morning- one of which will be a 13 hr. flight (poor Nathan).

So I was getting ready to go clean a house, and I wanted my ipod. Owen had been seen with it last, so I asked him where it was and he said "I put it in your buggy at Kohl's last night."


So then I searched through my purse for my cell so I could call Kohl's. Guess what else I left there? MY PHONE! How in the world did I manage that?!

I was on my way to work and decided I needed to just drive straight to Kohl's and be there as soon as they opened. I walked in and they were apparently having a store meeting in the front of the store, meaning that I had to walk up to about 25 employees to admit my retardation. I'm sure I made quite an impression in my cleaning clothes, with a greased back ponytail, no make-up, and three days worth of hair on my legs.

So after cracking a few jokes to ease my embarassment, and standing in line for 20 minutes at customer service, I got my phone back!!!! Oh my gosh. I was so relieved. They said nobody had turned in an ipod, and at that point I didn't even care. My phone was worth so much more, so I was satisfied with just getting that back. But I thought I would just walk up to the front and check the carts...just in case. My ipod was sitting right on top of the first cart I looked at. I can't believe how lucky I was. What are the chances that they were both still there?!

And then I checked my messages and saw that the lady I was supposed to clean for was cancelling! Sure- that's $100 I could have taken on my trip, but it really was a blessing because I was able to come home and curl up in a fetal position for several hours until my nausea was a little less severe, then pack and clean the apartment...so it had a happy ending after all.