Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family Fun For the 4th

Our Fourth at Chris and Erin's was so great. Besides celebrating our independence, we got to eat too much good food, and lots of other fun

Daddy time in the pool

Noodle fights with Aunt Paige

Baby lovin'

Schnoodle nephew lovin'

Round 1 of the fireworks show (aka a bad pic of the lightning storm)

The real show (that we almost missed out on and had to watch from a parking lot after we left C&E's house)
And just some general cuteness

Happy Independence Day! Please scroll down to see one hilarious picture. :)

I married a creeper...

Tonight, Nathan hurt my feelings about something, so I decided to take a picture to show him how sad I was (while he was outside pumping $91 of gas into my non-eco-friendly car).

Apparently he caught on to what I was doing, and if you look at the second picture closely, you will see how sorry he felt.

What a creep.

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