Friday, March 21, 2008

Isms for the day :)


(randomly in the car today)

"Another way to give money to Jesus is you can put it in an envelope and tie it to a balloon and let it go up in the sky"

I guess he was talking about tithing....maybe we need to have a talk about what our tithing goes towards. Or maybe I should just continue to let him picture poor Jesus up there using our tithing to get his daily twix bar and coke from the corner store.


(in the tub tonight)

H: "Excuse me"
Me: "Yes?"
H: "Excuse me"
Me: "Why are you saying excuse me?"
H: "Because I didn't want to fart in your face"
Me: "Did you just toot?"
H: "Nooooo....I farted in your face!!!"

I have no response to that.