Monday, February 8, 2010

It's all I got right now...

I'm sure many of you have experienced this.... at least any of you who have had your children attending any kind of Christian school.

Hazel goes to a preschool in a little baptist church in our neighborhood. Once a week, they have Bible time with Pastor Bob to hear Bible stories and learn little songs. I remember the first "song" she learned when she started there. She came home one day and started chanting....yelling, really:

"Oh NO, Never let GO! Through the storm and through the rain!"

That was the only line she "knew" (incorrectly) for a whole week. And she screamed it out constantly. It was literally the most annoying thing I had ever heard. It took me a while to figure out that this was actually something they had purposely taught our children.

Anyway- since then she has actually learned some pretty cute songs, but inevitably she comes home singing something a little interesting right after learning a new song. Trying to interpret her versions of these songs never ceases to entertain us. Here's one for you to figure out:

"Jump, jump, jump out of the dark, dark, dark. Jump on Jesus and give Him your heart."

I mean, I can kind of understand where they were going with this, but I'm not sure a sneak attack it the best method for giving your heart to Jesus.

Then there is this other song she sings that says lots of totally understandable and precious things about Jesus, and then there's this one random line that says (at least in Hazel's mind):

"Raise your hand for lovers passing by"

Makes no sense whatsoever, but it sure is cute in her high-pitched nasally voice.

Monday, February 1, 2010


" did your face get so cute?"

"Cause I smile so much all the time"


I found some weird, pink, thick, dirty, rubbery stuff on Hazel's dresser and asked her "What IS this?" (in disgust)
"It's some stuff from the rug"
"What rug?"
"The rug on the playground." (I guess some kind of foam pad on their playground at school)
"Why is it on your dresser?"
"Cause I love it- it's my favorite thing in the world!"
(thoughtful pause)
"Just kidding. It's not my favorite thing in the cream is."