Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Just in case everyone read that wrong, she does NOT sleep in our bed. She has her own little bed in the corner of our room that she quietly sneaks into in the middle of the night. Much less disturbing than the old routine of carrying her back to bed over and over in the middle of the night while she screams and cries and hits me. I am hoping to somehow correlate new bedtime rules with the 4th birthday. I need an elaborate plan.....

On another note. Hazel has started doing something lately that cracks me up. She discovered these little white rocks that can write and I told her they are called chalk rocks. She looked at it for a while and thought about that and then said with excitement, "Half chalk, half rock!"

Now everything that has two words (or two syllables for that matter) becomes one of Hazel's famous half-n-halfs.

(library) "Half lie, half berry!"

(doritos) "Half duh, half ritos!"

(building) "Half bill, half ding!"

Some of them turn out pretty hilarious, but I can't think of any of the funny ones right now.