Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Nintendo brings us all together

Owen: "Climb up that ladder!"

Hazel: "AAUUUGH! Stop killing me!"

Owen: "Press A! Press A!"

Hazel: "I AM pressing A! It's not doing anything!"

Owen: "I won!"

Hazel: "Mooooommmmm! He's not letting me win!"

Me: "Turn it off."

And there you have it! We managed to all interact and bond this morning.

Chapter One

Since the day that Carly the cat discovered Max the fish, she has spent all her waking hours watching and waiting....hoping against all odds- odds that her tiny little cat brain can not comprehend- that Max will soon break through that glass and finally be within reach of her anxious paws.
*Disclaimer: This counter is on the other side of the kitchen from the one we use for food prep. The ONLY reason I permit this to happen.