Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FINALLY going private...

If you would like to continue reading my blog, please either leave me your name and email address in a comment or send it to me at:


And I'm still working on that stinking video. I have NO idea why it didn't post, and now I can't get it to upload. FURY!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do you have a few minutes for an "inventure" ???

I recently picked up the camera to take a picture and realized that Owen had apparently figured out the video function. There were around 15 new videos recorded on the camera (along with lots of new pointless photos). Maybe it's just because I'm his mother, but this made me laugh until I had tears streaming down my face. There's more to come, but here's the pilot. I think this kid might have quite a lucrative career ahead of him.

PS- add your email to a comment if you want to continute reading my blog. I have finally decided to go private. It's the only solution I can think of to all these stalkers that read my blog and then make assumptions about me based on the things I write. :) And yes...I'm talking about you.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Owen's latest accomplishments...i

He's my first child, so I have no idea if this is late or not, but Owen finally learned how to ride his bike. It kind of took us not ever mentioning it and pretending not to care. It also helped that the boys across the street who are 3 years younger than him already knew how. Positive peer pressure. Sorry it's so dark- it was late.

And here he is playing one of his latest piano pieces. Once again, crappy recording....but you get the idea. I just can't get over how grown-up he seems lately.