Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble...

So....we had a pretty typical T-day here. Family...lots of great asleep....and then the night ended with Chris putting his fist through the window. Same ole, same ole. Year after year we all drink a little too much cider and things just get out of hand.

The morning started with my cat puking on the back porch and then eating it. I thought I would spare you all, so I didn't take a picture of that.

Then my kiddos colored pictures to put on the front door.
After that Nathan and Owen headed off to play football with the church folk.

Hazel and I stayed home to be all domesticated. We decorated and cleaned and cooked to prepare for our company.

Then some of the people I am most thankful for gathered around the table to eat lots of good food.

Then we got ready for the game. Go Cowboys!

The game was so good that all the boys fell asleep.

Then we decided to take a walk and work off some of those turkey calories. Being the genius that I am, I locked us all out of the house. :) So we were all trying to find a way in the house, and to make a long story short....Chris tried to slide open a window and his hand went right through it. I can't say I'm surprised since our windows are the crappiest, thinnest, single pane windows in the world, but I have to say it was pretty darn scary. I heard the shatter and went running around the corner expecting to find a bloodied carcass (ok that's a little extreme, but it was scary). So now you know the story. It wasn't Chris' insane temper that caused the break, and he wasn't too bloody. Just a few scratches. What a way to end the evening. :)