Monday, April 1, 2013

Too much information?

Remember when I used to blog?  Remember how it was sarcastic and light and fun to read?  I think I have been having a hard time the past few years feeling light and fun.  Maybe this explains why I stopped blogging.

Those that know me know that we have been through a LOT the past few years, and I think I really am starting to notice what a negative impact I have allowed our struggles to have on our lives...and that makes me really disappointed in myself.  (Have you caught on that this will NOT be one of those light, fun posts?)

Today at work, one of the speech therapists brought up a patient to check out and pay her copay.  As part of this patient's therapy, she had made a list of things to talk to me about and her therapist stood there to make sure she remembered.  At one point, the patient started to launch into a personal story (that totally applied to what we were talking about), and the therapist stopped her and said "Too much information!"  I know this was a part of her therapy- something they had been working on together- but it just didn't sit well with me.  It made me feel sad and uncomfortable.  I can be a bit of a talker (and sharer of personal information), myself, so I felt a little defensive.

I mean, what is so wrong with taking the time to listen to a little story someone wants to share?  Honestly, I'm kinda bugged that I didn't get to hear how it all played out.  She was telling me about putting in eye drops and losing her balance...then the story ended abruptly with "I got a bruise" when the TMI warning was given.  We are all so busy and impatient and focused on our own time constraints that we don't allow ourselves time to be human!  I could go on and on about other things that are ruining our humanity (Facebook, texting, etc...), but since I'm such an offender, I won't get on a soap box.

I was still kind of thinking about this throughout the evening, even as I sat on my bed checking emails and yelling directions to my kids to get ready for bed.  But when I glimpsed my little girl in the mirror of the bathroom across the hall, brushing her hair and quietly singing to herself, my heart broke.  How is this any different?  I come home, exhausted from work, and selfishly want to crash on my bed and veg out while my kids take care of themselves.  They are mostly self-sufficient, but does that mean they no longer need me?  When did I stop brushing Hazel's hair?  When did I stop singing them to sleep?  Reading a story?   When did I become so impatient with their long, run-on stories about every little detail of a video they saw or a conversation they had that day?  When did I start treating all their treasured words and actions as TMI? 

Yes- our lives have been really tough lately, but why should THEY suffer?  I can't keep beating myself up about it, because I know that won't help, but I stood up from the computer and made sure our night ended on a positive note.  One day at a time, I'm going to make it better.  I'm going to erase their memories of my selfish neglect and replace them with happy ones as much as possible.  That's possible, right?  RIGHT?!?!  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Can we just pretend is hasn't been almost three months YEARS since my last post?  I'm just sitting here going over every experience and thought I've had in that time, and I can assure you- you haven't really missed anything.
Tonight, I want to complain.  You may have seen this precious little picture on Facebook:

This little girl is so many things.  She is beautiful, smart, HILARIOUS, determined, entertaining, talented, sensitive and just super cool.

 But I swear she will be the death of me. 

I can remember crying when I found out I was having a girl, and again when I had her.  I turned to Nathan and said through sobs, "She's going to hate me."  Granted, there's just a little bit of emotion flying around when you're giving birth, but I've had that same thought many times over the past 8 years.

I feel (on a pretty regular basis) like I am failing at being Hazel's mom.  I just haven't figured myself out enough yet to figure out how to raise a little mini-me successfully.  Does that make sense?  I could go on forever about all the issues we struggle through together, but suffice it to say it's just hard being her mom sometimes.  She's one tough little cookie. 

She (and therefore all of us) deals with pretty extreme anxiety, and that's what I want to focus on in this post.  She fixates on certain things for long periods of time.  "What if I'm too small to hold my baby when I have one?"  "Do I have to move away from my family to go to college?"  "Do we have to drive on the highway to get there?"  "How old am I going to be when you die, Mom?"  I don't mean that she has these thoughts and over-analyzes them in the moment.  I mean she will think about, dream about and talk non-stop about one of these thoughts for months until it becomes almost crippling.  I feel like it prevents her from being as carefree as she should at her age.

Most times, this anxiety translates into an upset stomach.  That's where the crippling comes into play.  I feel like this little girl's stomach controls our every move sometimes.  It becomes very frustrating.  This past couple of weeks has been no exception, but I just haven't been able to pinpoint something that is stressing her out.  She complained for 8 straight days about her stomach, but never threw up or had a fever (or any other symptoms). 

"Can you turn down that music?  My stomach hurts."

"I don't want to eat at a restaurant tonight.  My stomach hurts."

"I just turned cartwheels across the living room, then did a back flip off the couch, but I can't help straighten up 'cause my stomach hurts."

Needless to say, we lost our patience.

So when she woke up in the middle of the night last night saying she was going to throw up, I sent Nathan to deal with it (by yelling at her that she wasn't sick and better go back to bed).  When she got up a second time, I sent Nathan to deal with it again (in the same manner). 

When she got up a third time and I had had enough of his yelling, I finally stomped into the bathroom to take over, and she proceeded to throw up....6 times throughout the night.  After the first time, she looked up at me with the saddest little face and said "NOW will you just believe me?"

See?  Failing.

Monday, November 8, 2010

isms that lead to life lessons

Owen in the car today playing "let's pretend" with Hazel:

"It's like you're really rich and you always have 5 dollars in your car every day and you have all the famous cd's to listen to, and someone else only has a penny in his car and just really dumb cd's and he's really jealous of you."


Hazel said to me the other day "This is how moms and dads kiss." And proceeded to close her eyes, tilt her head and stick out her tongue.

I gave her a weird look and said "Where did you see that?"

"On tv"

"What show are you watching that shows people kissing with their tongues?"


"Was it a mom and dad kissing that way?"


"Well you aren't allowed to kiss like that until you are married....and even then you don't have to. Daddy and I don't always kiss with our tongues out. I think that's kind of gross."

"No- I'm a kid. I don't kiss like that."

long pause

"But kids can pick their nose!"

Monday, November 1, 2010

out of order

I have so many pictures. I'm just having a really hard time filtering through them and deciding what to put on here! I'm sure at this point, everyone has lost interest, but I will eventually do it anyway and you will be like "Oh yeah! They went to Hawaii!"

Some of the good and bad parts of our trip:

The great- watching this old white dude take pictures of his little Asian wife frolicking in the tide. He was a proud, proud man.

The horrible- watching our plane leave the island:
about to take off
gone. sniff sniff.

The best- coming home to these crazy little munchkins and watching them get excited over all the touristy crap we bought them.

What I miss- seeing a rainbow literally every single day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Looking for a gymnast picture for a school project. These are a couple that I found that really shook me up. Which one disturbs you more? Let's vote.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Just a teaser...

I promise we really did go to Hawaii! I have just been insanely busy playing catch-up since we got home. I haven't exactly had the time to sit down and spend the crazy amount of time that it takes to upload all these pictures and videos!!!

Aaaaaand- I still don't have the time. But I will take a moment to share some things I learned during my visit to Waikiki:

*Lots of thick brown hair does not prevent one's scalp from getting seriously sunburned (and subsequently filling said thick brown hair with giant flakes of peeling skin....yum).
*No matter how much I hate my body right now, there are way worse ones tromping across the beach in string bikinis.

*Everything in the world should be flavored with fresh pineapple. Seriously. I put it in my coke, on my foods, in my water, in my mouth. I love it.

*Even though my kids drain my of every ounce of emotional and physical energy, I reaaaally miss them when I'm away from them.
*Convertibles are so fun...until you have to brush your hair for 30 minutes afterward. Plus I almost fell asleep twice while driving- I guess the breeze relaxes me a little too much.

*I like to hold my husband's hand.

*Even if you pay lots of money to stay in a super nice resort, you ultimately have no control over the water temperature in your shower.
*Hawaii is the ideal place to be a bum. This was the "cloaked marauder" that we passed several times throughout the week. I considered paying her to let me take her picture- she was SUPER an awesome way- but I settled for capturing her while she napped @ the bus stop.

*When you wander around in a swimsuit all day, there is some inevitable chafing. Come on...I'm sure I'm not the only one who's experienced this.

*There's a reason I've never had room service. That reason is an additional $12 'room service charge' and an added 17% gratuity to the already outrageous price of $8 for a bowl of oatmeal. I don't know if my math is right, but I'm pretty sure that comes out to like $75 for breakfast mush.

*When you go to a vacation spot like Hawaii, there are people from all over the world and they are all on different time zones....which means you can plan to hear those heavy, metal, fire-safe doors slamming at all hours of the night..and day.

*I don't hate the beach as much as I thought I did....especially when I'm not dragging sandy, whiny kids along.

I think the Polynesian Cultural Center was the coolest part of our trip- I LOVED the show at the end of the night. It just felt like such an "authentic" Hawaiian experience. I wanted to record every moment of it, but this was definitely my favorite part. I just loved that there was this beautiful singing accented by an occasional screech. And the men are dancing with big, joyous movements while the women are smooth and controlled and beautiful. I even get chills watching this crappy recording of it! I'll try to get more pictures up soon!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lazy Hag

Hazel's getting so good lately at sounding out words and figuring out how they are spelled. Apparently my name is a bit difficult, though. Before Nathan corrected her "hug and kiss" portion of this family portrait, it said "hag and kiss." Soooo- it looked a lot like my label said "Lazy hag." I see what you think of me, Hazel. Thanks.