Sunday, April 6, 2008

Owen and Hazel

This picture just totally captures their personalities! :)

Hazel said to me the other day "Why do you look so beautiful? Why do you look like a man?"

Gotta love that honesty.

Yesterday, Hazel fell asleep in the car and I needed to bring her in and lay her in her bed. This is always a tricky task. I was wondering how I was going to hold her and open the door without waking her up. When I reached our door, it was already cracked for me. I ran in and layed (laid?) Hazel down without incident. When I came out of her room, Owen was standing there with a very proud look on his face and he said "I opened the door for you because I knew you would already have your hands full."

That boy sure knows how to make a Mommy misty-eyed. He got lots of hugs and kisses for that one.