Thursday, August 21, 2008

He loves to hate....

Disclaimer: Owen hates EVERYTHING right now. I think the only thing he loves is the word hate. Based on our investigations, he pretty much hates anything that involves him NOT sitting at home watching movies or playing his gameboy.

So- it's the second week of school and Owen already hates it. Before you all get worried (which was the point of my disclaimer), I am his Mommy, so of course I have asked LOTS of questions and I can tell that he actually is really excited about school. :)

But I wanted to share a couple of the funny things he has said this week.

On Monday, on the way to school, he said (surprise, surprise) "I hate school."

So I sighed and said " you hate THIS school or are you just saying that because you want to stay at home"

"I just want to stay at home. Why can't we pretend like I moved or I died so I don't have to go to school anymore?"

Then, while getting ready this morning, he told Nathan that he hates school. Nathan (in so many words) said he needed to have a better attitude and Owen angrily said "You don't know what I've been through!"

Oh. my. gosh. Where did he learn to be so dramatic?!?! ;)

Of course...I need to include a Hazel story. Tonight she had TWO accidents (peeing in her pants). Needless to say, Nathan and I were both livid. I gave Owen a piggy back ride to bed and Hazel got jealous. Nathan said "Little girls that pee their pants don't get piggy back rides."

Hazel said, "Yeah huh! I saw it on a show. A little girl peed in her pants and then her Mommy gave her a piggy back ride. I saw it. I'm serious."