Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby T Coming Soon!

Hazel and I got to attend Aunt Erin's baby shower today. Isn't her belly SOOO cute? :) Can't wait to see my new nephew!

The happy couple (ha! kidding! but seriously...don't they look like a couple?)

Me and Erin

Hazel wanted to open the present she got Erin (of course)

Erin with Baby T's monkey and Bjorn (from me)

These are Hazel's idea of cute poses

Poor Buffy

I was watching a friend's dog tonight while she went to a movie. Buffy has a broken leg that had to temporarily come out of it's cast because of moisture problems. So he is sedated and can't be allowed to walk on his leg- basically he needs constant attention.

While I was bathing the kids, he stayed in his crate. Hazel walked over to him at one point and cooed at him and kept saying "Poor Buffy." Then she said "Maybe this will make you feel better" and started banging on the door of his crate really hard. Of course I reprimanded her, but it was pretty funny. I wonder why she thought that would help!

Poor Buffy :(

So You Think You Can Dance

So- something is wrong with my DVR and it didn't record the ONLY SHOW I EVER WATCH! I am so ticked off.

Does anyone still have it recorded? Do you want to invite me over to watch it? I will bring snacks! :)

I'm sad.