Friday, February 6, 2009

Night Running...

...deserves a quiet night. I love R.E.M. I need to put some on my ipod so I can sing that while I run.

So- running at night is my new obsession. I LOVE it. You would think it would be more motivating to be at the gym and have people around me (you know...I would run longer because people were watching me!), but I have discovered that I can go forever at night. It's dark, and quiet and cool. Just me and my music. Oh my gosh. It feels so great. And then I sleep SO much better after a run and a hot shower. Heaven. Maybe if I can keep it up, I will actually start losing some of that weight that is making me so depressed!

As for other random ramblings, I took the kids to McDonald's tonight so that I wouldn't have to cook for or entertain them. It was quite nice. They filled up on nuggets and fries and apple dippers and then played on the slides for an hour while I read a book. Hazel said "This is my best life ever."

Mine too, dear....mine too.

And when she plays with her harmonica, she calls it her Lukeledian.