Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Soccer Misfits

Just a few pics of Owen's soccer team this year, now that Saturday is his last game. We aren't participating in this league next year. I have finally figured out that all the men who want their kids to be awesome soccer players teach them from birth, then volunteer to be a coach for this league, then pick all their friends' kids to be on their team. This results in Owen (who's mom and dad don't know any of the futbol wonders) ending up on the loser team. Once again, his team has lost every single game. They are just like this little leftover group of misfits. Last year he didn't mind, but this year I think it has really had an effect on him. He says things like, "Not this team again!" and "We suck!" and "I definitely need to practice soccer more." Poor kid. It's definitely not doing his self-esteem any favors.

This is our friend/neighbor that joined his team last minute, Anthony

Posing for team photos

The misfits
The huddle

"Good game, good game."

Just FYI- this last picture is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. I think they scored about 25 goals to our zero. And the coach's son was like a little miniature Beckham- I mean this kid was performing miracles. I started cheering for him halfway through the game, the little brat. And, of course, Owen's team will play this team again on Saturday for their last game. No better way to end the season than with a huge arse-kicking, right?