Saturday, March 29, 2008

Game Day

Owen had his first soccer game today. I was so impressed with him at practice this week. He jumped right in, met his coach, and did everything he was asked to do without hesitation (not typical Owen behavior- he usually observes for a while before participating). And he looked like he had been playing soccer forever! He looked like such a natural. I was so excited for game day.

Here he is before he got his team t-shirt

Here he is after he got his t-shirt (looking very professional)

Warming up with Daddy
Precious, right? But the true magic started when the game began.

Here's Owen (yes-despite appearances, the game IS in progress)

Here's the rest of the team at the other end of the field...hmm....what's wrong with this picture?

Eager to have Owen participate in some form, the coach asked if he wanted to goalie :)
I was a little embarassed that I had bragged so much to Nathan about his abilities (and Nathan was a little frustrated to say the least), but I thought it was hilarious. It made for a great memory, and we had fun yelling for the rest of the team. He did actually start to run back and forth towards the end of the game, so that made me proud enough to give him a hug and a high five (and lots of praise). He says he will do better at the next game now that he knows what to expect. To our dismay, the Hornets (Owen's team) lost to the Gators. We have no idea how big of a loss it was- it was kind of hard to keep track. But I will say that Sasquatch (the nickname I gave the girl on the other team who appeared to be about eight years old) scored a couple of goals that looked Beckham inspired. We were thrilled to have Uncle Chris and Aunt Erin there to cheer Owen on (although I had to have a little talk with Erin about yelling degrading remarks to the opposing team's kids...haha). All in all it was a great day and we are so proud of Owen. He looked darn cute in those cleats and shin guards.

Being a good sport
I almost forgot my favorite part of the day! I heard the Gators' coach ask her team if they were happy and one little boy yelled "Did we win?!"

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Hazel said Easter brought her candy and eggs and he is coming to dinner with her tonight. Easter is her new best friend.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Isms for the day :)


(randomly in the car today)

"Another way to give money to Jesus is you can put it in an envelope and tie it to a balloon and let it go up in the sky"

I guess he was talking about tithing....maybe we need to have a talk about what our tithing goes towards. Or maybe I should just continue to let him picture poor Jesus up there using our tithing to get his daily twix bar and coke from the corner store.


(in the tub tonight)

H: "Excuse me"
Me: "Yes?"
H: "Excuse me"
Me: "Why are you saying excuse me?"
H: "Because I didn't want to fart in your face"
Me: "Did you just toot?"
H: "Nooooo....I farted in your face!!!"

I have no response to that.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where do you keep YOUR loose change?

I am guilty of leaving my vacuum cleaner out between cleanings. This is only because I vacuum AT LEAST once a day. I have two kids and about 800 square feet of living space that they trash on a regular basis, so I don't have much choice. Live in filth or clean constantly.

So today I grabbed the vacuum from it's place beside the "dining room" table and did a quick sweep of the floors. When I turned it off and propped it back into its upright position (which it can hardly do anymore after 8 years of daily work), about three dollars worth of change came shooting out of the front of it.

That little vent on the front must have just been too tempting for Hazel to resist- the slots are the perfect size for coins. But I do have to wonder if she was expecting something in return for that money.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Optimist in training

Yesterday I hopped in the car with the kids after just waking up from our naps. I glanced in the mirror and saw a tired, wrinkled face with no make-up. I said to the kids "Man guys- your mom is looking old!" They just stared back at me blankly. I asked "How old do you think I look?" and Hazel (without hesitation) exclaimed "Perfect!!!"

Nathan has trained her well.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

In True Ghetto Fashion....

If this isn't a testament to the ghettoness of Owen's school, I don't know what is (although I could offer you several more proofs if this one doesn't convince you).

Owen's class has been practicing writing sentences, and this was the sentence he chose to write and bring home to mommy.

"My friend has a little bling."

I asked him what it meant and he said "You know- like a necklace."

At least everything was spelled correctly.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wendy's wonderful workers...

Being the health-concious mother that I am, I whipped into the Wendy's drive-thru the other day to grab Hazel a kids meal because we were running short on time. I was running through my mind all the things I needed to do before picking Owen up from school- not the least of which was get Hazel down for a nap!

So- I pull up to the menu board and hear "Welcome to Wendy's, may I help you?" and I proceed to give her my extremely basic, simple order.

"I'd like a kid's meal with a plain cheesburger and.....


"yes, and I would like....


"...I would like french fries and chocolate milk with that"


"......ummm...yes. I want a kid's meal with a plain cheeseburger and french fries and chocolate milk"


(Come on, are you kidding me? Maybe if you weren't screaming over me you could have gotten my order in the 10 seconds it would have taken me to say it.)

"Yep- that's right"

So I pull forward and grab my meal and drive away. Of course, at the first red light (a moment too late) I decide to check my order. What a shock- there are pickles and onions and ketchup and mustard on my 2 yr old's cheeseburger.

So I do a u-turn and go back to Wendy's. I jump out of the car, lock my daughter in illegally (because surely it won't take more than two seconds to hand me two pieces of bread with a slice of cheese and a piece of meat inside) and run inside to ask for the correct sandwich. Hazel is peering over the seat and through the window to see what is taking me so long as they rush around trying to figure out how to solve my problem. I have to hang out by the window watching Hazel because apparently a plain cheeseburger is a little more complicated than I thought. Finally they hand me another sandwich and I run out to the car to give it to Hazel. I unwrap it and start to hand it to her......and it's a CHICKEN SANDWICH WITH LETTUCE AND TOMATO!!!! Are you kidding me? So I march back inside and grab the right sandwich (which the guy is already running out to give me after realizing his mistake) and take it to Hazel. Finally it is the right sandwich and Hazel can stop crying from the trauma of having her sandwich ripped away from her twice in a row.

Then on the way home (driving in anger) I hit a pigeon and looked in my rearview mirror to see feathers flying everywhere and the pigeon continuing to run around in confused circles. Of course I couldn't have hit it hard enough to just put it out of its misery (because the life of a pigeon must be miserable).

By the time I got home, it was too late for Hazel to take a nap before we got Owen from school. So I just decided I would get all my chores done and let her watch a little TV. But apparently all the drama tired her out because I noticed it was really quiet after a while and went in her room to find her in bed asleep, one arm wrapped around her french fries. Poor baby. Her life is so stressful.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Home again, home again....jiggity jog

Last week I got to fly SOLO to Virginia to visit my best friend Summer. I'm kind of sad to be back! :) She has a new baby, so we didn't get to do too much, but it was still the most relaxing vaca ever. It was so nice to have no responsibility for a week and get to hold her precious little baby.
We did have a very important list of things to do while I was there. We just wanted to do all the things that we used to do together since neither of us really have a friend close by to do these things with we

1. Ate at Cracker Barrel
2. Got pedicures
3. Ate at Cracker Barrel again
4. Went to a movie
5. Shopped
6. Ate out some more
7. Sat around and watched TV

It was great. I missed her the minute she dropped me off at the airport.