Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A whole lot of nothing..

I'm back! We haven't had internet for a while. It's crazy how much of my life revolves around the computer. Thankfully I was at least able to check my email on my phone....otherwise I would have gone completely crazy.

Anyway- like I said. I'm back.....with absolutely nothing interesting to say. So- here are some of the non-interesting things I can share:

We've been doing a lot of yard work lately in preparation for the bulk trash pickup in our area. I'm really trying to find ways to improve our yard and our house's curb appeal without spending any money.

I realize you can't see it, but there is a huge flowering bush that was taking over our front porch, so I put up this lattice (that I found behind the shed). It still needs to be boarded up on one side so that it stands up straight, but at least we can get in the front door now, and I think it will look much prettier to train it to grow up something.
We finally got our palm trees trimmed!!! We have been complaining since we moved in about how hideous and trashy they looked, but weren't willing to pay $100 per tree to have them trimmed. We literally had someone stop by every day and ask if they could trim them. Or if we weren't home they would leave a card on our door. I just kept saying "Sure- for $20 each!" and they would laugh and drive away. I guess someone came by that was desperate enough and he agreed to my lowball price! I wish I had taken a before picture, but maybe the huge pile at the curb will give you some idea of how bad they were! We have two other smaller palm trees that I trimmed myself with a little hand saw....it was very time consuming.
I took the kids to a park on Saturday that we had never been to. We fed the ducks our leftover McDonald's. I had no idea ducks ate meat, but they devoured Hazel's cheeseburger!

Hazel was literally just a few inches from this duck and he just sat there. Creepy.

They were having some kind of old timey car convention thingy. I thought these cars were cute.

Just a sweet moment. I love when they pretend to love each other.

I know this slide doesn't look like much, but it was REALLY fast and Owen and Hazel each went down it about 25 times. They acted like it was an awesome roller coaster or something.