Friday, November 7, 2008

G-Mommy brings us an early Christmas!

This is my third post today, so scroll down if you care to (that doesn't include you, Claire)!

G-Mommy wanted to go ahead and get the kids their Christmas presents while she was here so she wouldn't have to deal with shipping. And we definitely didn't hear any complaints from Hazel and Owen. She did end up having to order Owen's online, which was a portable DVD player, so he opened a piece of paper, but he was still pretty thrilled when he realized what it was...and even more thrilled when it arrived!


A new Dora bike!!!
Thank you G-Mommy!!!
What is this?!
Looking at a picture of the DVD player

We were sad to see you leave, too! :(

Dear Christopher

And a big shout out to Chris! Happy Birthday brother! Woot woot!

Missin' my Momma...

I still haven't posted about all the fun things I did when my mom was here! It seems like I was immediately thrown back into the "real" world once she left. Come back, Mom!

I took a lot of pictures of her with the kids, but we managed to go ten days without getting a single picture of us together! So this will just be a log of sorts.

Even though Nathan was working non-stop while she was here, we managed to get out by ourselves twice! We went to a great little Mexican restaurant here and out to see The Secret Life of Bees. We did a lot of shopping- including all my favorite consignment stores. We found a thrift store called Everything Goes that we both fell madly in love with and visited three days in a row. There are no words to describe how awesome this place is. No matter what your style is, you can find something you love at an amazing price. Thanks to this store, I finally have furniture in my dining room! My wonderful mother bought me and Nathan a table and chairs for an early Christmas present, and I found a gorgeous dresser for $32 that is also in the dining room and I am storing all my music in it. I will put up pictures when it is all put together....which will probably be no time soon.
Everything Goes
I wish I could wake up every morning in the middle of this store and stare at all of the beautiful things they have. I think I will go back tomorrow....
Let's see...what else did we do? We made Chicken Tetrazini (which I ate for every meal until it was gone). We made and ate through three pans of the famous Erwin fudge. We went to garage sales. We visited Owen at school and went to his Fall festival. We stayed up late watching recorded HGTV shows or nightly dramas or a movie....whichever sounded best at the time. We went to the gym a couple of times. We had a couple of visits with Chris and Erin and Baby T. It was just fun to have her around. I'm glad she was able to survive all the noise and chaos that comes with our family.