Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fresh, new snow for a new year.

I just can't say it enough. I love Flagstaff. When our kids are out of school, I totally want to move there. But for now, I'm just glad this beauty is so close to home.

We took a little overnight trip for New Year's Eve with a couple of Nathan's work buddies and their wives. Nathan got to see the pinecone drop at midnight for the second year, and I got to lay in a bed in a hotel room next to my two sleeping babies. I watched A Lot Like Love and cuddled up with Hazel and fell asleep at 10:30. It was nice.....until Hazel started kicking me. Even with pillows in between us, she managed to kick me about 40 times throughout the night, and sat up and started talking about 5 times.

We started the New year with breakfast at Ihop and then immediately went back to the hotel room for an attempted nap. After that failure, we packed up the car and headed out to the snow park.

To pass the time while we packed the car, Owen threw snowballs at this shed while Hazel slipped around on the icy parking lot.

When we finally got to the snow park, it was CLOSED! The parking lot was so full that everyone was stuck in the park and nobody else could get in. We had no choice but to just drive down the street and find somewhere else to play. So much for all the sleds we have bought over the years. I guess we will just have to go back in another month and use them then! Even without the huge hills to sled down, we managed to create a little bit of fun.

Hazel made her own little miniature snowman

Owen literally rolled around in the snow until he was soaked through all his layers
I'm not positive how deep the snow actually was, but Hazel sank down to her waist in a couple of spots.

Look at all that untouched snow. It makes my heart happy.

Hazel and I found a little igloo that someone had made JUST FOR HER! Or at least it seemed that way...

I built a beautiful little snowwoman....put so much love and tenderness into her formation. But apparently all Juan saw was a picture op and a chance for destruction. You can imagine what she looked like after this picture.

We sat down to pose for a family picture, and it started to snow! Okay...not really. I thought if I threw some of the powder into the air, we might be able to fake you out. But it just turned out looking like I threw a bunch of snow in the air.

And then I couldn't stop.
But Nathan definitely got me back by filling the sled and then throwing it at me.

We did manage to find one tiny little hill. Once the grown-up boys had smoothed it out for us a bit, we were able to catch a tiny bit of speed. Especially with a good, strong push.

Despite its disappointments (no hills, cold feet, lack of sleep, etc.), I think it was worth it to see the beautiful snow and take out our aggresions by throwing it at each other.
And my favorite kid quotes from this trip (notice how they both involve hate):

Owen: "My feet are freezing cold! I hate frostbites!"

Hazel: "I hate the sun. It's too shady."