Sunday, January 4, 2009

The infomercial strikes again!

Yesterday, Owen asked me "Mom, do you have any gold jewelry?"
I chuckled because I already knew where this was heading (especially since my mother asked me the same question a few days ago when I was complaining about my finances). I said "No."
Owen: "Well there are these people who will take your old jewelry like necklaces or rings and they will destroy it and then they will give you a ton of money!"
Me: "Really?"
Owen: "Yeah- you should do that cause we need money more than we need gold."
Then he was sitting on the couch with Nathan watching this commercial:
and when it got to the part where they said "Wait! That's not all. Act now and we will include this stick anywhere closet light with 5 LCD bulbs," Owen said "That's pretty cool."
But the real clincher was when they told him to call now and they would include a second set of hangers for free. Owen turned to Nathan and said "Okay, now I really want to get that."
He's just like his dad.