Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It worked!

Thanks for harassing Nathan. Did ya notice how quickly he posted after someone besides his wife nagged him?

Now what are you going to do to get me to post again? What is going on with me?! I have been working like crazy lately and I am now trying to catch up with the rest of my life that I have put on hold. Just haven't even been in that blogging mode (you know- the one where I think all day about what I should post that night). Or maybe I just haven't had anything funny happen to me lately. Either way, I have been admonished and I will try to do better....promise.

Today Hazel said " 'what in the world' a bad word?"

This is a testament to that fact that I am cleaning up my language and finding some healthy substitutes for the nasty words I usually yell in the car (i.e. STUPID MORON! RETARD! and my all-time favorite YOU FREAKING IDIOT!...I know, I know. I'm really bad....but obviously getting better). All I know is I now say "What in the WORLD?!?" a lot. Meredith laughs when she hears me say this because she thinks it is very redneck, so it's a good thing she isn't here.

Speaking of Meredith, I never posted anything about my visit to Georgia, and now I feel like it's pointless. I'm sure most of you have already looked at all of Meredith's cute pictures- she pretty much told the whole story. Well- minus the racy night of karaoke that I will never let down.....