Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Few of Her Favorite Things...

One of Hazel's favorite things is the Lion King. She has loved that movie for a long time, but has recently been OBSESSED because of the new characters that G-Mommy found for her at a garage sale. She lines them all up on the table and watches the movie while holding the appropriate character for that scene and quoting his/her part.

Another one of Hazel's favorite things is the word dumb. Everything is dumb right now. For some reason she thinks this is better than the word "stupid" which we are not allowed to say. She gets corrected for saying "dumb" also, but this hasn't stopped her yet.

An example of what Hazel finds dumb:

(Hazel) "I hate our big blue car. It's so dumb. I want a pink car with flowers on it."

Which brings us to another favorite. Flowers. Everything with flowers is beautiful, and she thinks the ONLY way something looks beautiful is if it has flowers on it. If I say something is beautiful, she will say "No it isn't- it doesn't have flowers on it."

Hazel also loves her big brother. They fight like crazy, but she does and says EVERYTHING he does, so I know she thinks he is pretty awesome. She is very into copying him right now and it drives him insane. I can't wait to find a place to live where they will have their own rooms again. Owen says "When I have my own room, I am putting a sign on the door that says no girls can come in here" and Hazel says the same thing about a sign to keep out the boys. :) We'll see how long that will last.
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