Friday, June 5, 2009


I took the kids to a morning movie the other day. After leaving the theater four times in the first 5 minutes of the movie, I decided to buy the kids a big fat coke...thinking "That ought to shut them up!"

I walked back in and plopped the coke down. Hazel, barely taking her eyes off the screen, leaned over and took a sip. She turned to me with wide eyes and whispered "Mom! Is this for us?" I nodded and she got so excited that she forgot all about the whispering and yelled "OWEN! IT'S CAFFEINE!!!"

After the movie we went to get haircuts. Owen was in the chair and I was keeping Hazel entertained. She kept spinning the chair and hitting my leg, so I said "Hazel- please quit hitting my shin" which of course led to an explanation of what a shin is. After that conversation, there was a short silence and then Owen announced to the salon:

"My mom has three chins."