Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know I just posted some randomness today, but I forgot this funny story. Okay....I don't know if funny is the appropriate word. You be the judge.

Some of you are already aware of our cat puke situation. So- the cat pretty much always stays outside now.

Anyway- I got up early today and got the kids ready so Nathan could sleep in on his day off. Then I shooed them outside to play until I was ready to leave. After about 30 minutes of them being outside, we jumped in the car to take Owen to school, and I threw them some bagels to eat on the way.

Halfway to school, Owen turned to Hazel and said "Hey, Hazel.....remember how there was that big pile of puke outside from Carly and you put your fingers in it?"

Yep- those we be the same fingers with which she was eating her bagel.


That's what you get for needing a place to sit.

Asleep in the "nest" in Mom and Dad's room. Looks like she had a rough day!

Owen lost another tooth.

Just a two second video of Nathan making TJ laugh. Would be longer but my camera battery died as soon as I started.