Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Milk That Cow For All It's Worth! (or, for short, MILK IT!)

So- We have had quite an adventure the past 10 days. Two weekends ago, Owen got sick. He had a fever and a really bad cough. The cough has lingered, but he was well in a couple of days.

Then Hazel caught it and it quickly turned into pneumonia. Unfortunately we had to reach this diagnosis after a full day of dehydration leading to a trip to the ER to have IV fluids pumped into her. This, along with 10 hours of other poking and prodding and testing, made for a very traumatic evening for Hazel and for ME! (And for those who are wondering...yes- Nathan and I both got sick, too!)

As she has been recovering, she has been slightly dramatic at times, and needless to say, we have been catering to her every whim. Well- I realized it had gone too far today when she talked over Owen while he was trying to tell me about his day at school.

Me "Hazel, it's rude to talk when someone else is talking."
Hazel "Why?"
Me "Because I couldn't hear what Owen was trying to say."
Hazel (in a VERY pitiful voice): "But I like to talk when other kids are talking because that just makes me feel better."

Um, yeah....I think that's pushing it.