Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dancing Machines

Yesterday, the strangest thing happened. The children were ANGELS! Especially Owen. I told him it was time for homework and he did it. Then I said he needed to practice piano and he did it. Then when it was time to clean up his toys HE DID IT! And when we had to eat broccoli for dinner he did it. Brushed his teeth. Did his reading. Never complained about a single thing all afternoon/evening. Then he and Hazel cuddled up and watched a movie until bedtime. It was such a peaceful evening and I went to bed at 9:30 feeling happy and satisfied with my life. I can't remember an evening like this happening since I gave birth for the first time 6 years ago.

But before I even had a chance to blog about it, today arrived. Apparently they needed to make up for all that goodness from yesterday. We have been meltdown maniacs over here today. But you least they keep my life interesting. :)

We had a garage sale in our apartment complex today, and Owen bought a new keyboard pad. Tonight, Nathan set it up for him and it was so funny. Owen and Hazel were yelling and arguing and talking, and as soon as Nathan turned on that keyboard they both got silent, stood up, and started to gyrate to the beat in a strange, hypnotized fashion. I tried to recreate it, but of course they froze in front of the camera. I did get a little dancing out of them, though. Sorry it's so dark. Enjoy.