Saturday, May 30, 2009

Owen is SEVEN

I mean...seriously. Can you believe it?! I have a seven year old.

I am trying not to feel too much guilt about the fact that I threw a party together in two days for poor little Owen (complete with a last minute evite). I guess he doesn't really know the difference! Friends showed up (thank you SO much for coming last minute and saving mommy's butt), cake was eaten, presents were opened. It's all the same to him.

Our fanTABulous neighbors let us use their pool for the party. Owen had three friends from his 1st grade class there, plus the five neighborhood boys that I pretty much think of as my own children.

getting prepped for some serious swimming...

pimpin in the pool...

Martha (my neighbor) was bound and determined to make Hazel get comfortable with the floaties. She screamed and cried and clung to the ladder.

But once Summer got in the pool, she jumped right to her and, as you can see, the look of terror left her face and was quickly replaced by sheer joy. Man, she loves that girl.

And my poor little birthday boy got stung by a bee in the pool! It was SO sad. He was totally brave about it, though, and even pulled the stinger out himself. Impressive, huh? It's that "hole" on his pinky.

This picture makes me want to cry!

Despite the potentially fatal poison being injected into his body, Owen had such a great time. He got lots of fun presents- including fun pool toys and a GIANT Bakugan. I loved the genuinely thrilled look on his face after ripping open each gift.

Harry (a neighbor)'s response when I tried to get him to pose for a picture.

the group that gathers when it's time for gifts.

The whole crew (minus Brody)

blowing out the candle

licking the icing

Hazel said "This was the best party of my life!"