Monday, March 2, 2009

Visitors = productivity

I have company coming in a few days, and it has made me do some strange things. Things that make me realize I am definitely my mom's daughter. I used to roll my eyes at her because she would (and still does) decide to rearrange the whole house if someone was coming to visit. And she would think of these totally unnecessary projects that just HAD to be done before they got there. Now I realize that maybe she was just using that company as an excuse to finally do the things she had been wanting to get done!

OR she is just super OCD (I am still talking about myself as my mother here).

So- I climbed on my roof to cut down some branches off a tree. They weren't harming anyone! Poor branches. I scrubbed and washed my front porch and front door. I raked my back yard. I organized all my sheet music (just in case they rifle through THAT cabinet). I hung the pictures on my kids' walls that have been sitting on the floor for the past 5 months. And I painted my dining room table.

I have REALLY been wanting to paint my table since the day I got it. It is seriously the table I have always wanted. I have always wanted a really long, dark brown, farmhouse style table. And this was IT! Except the leaf wasn't painted the same color as the rest of the table.....and the rest of the table wasn't brown. But it was a GREAT deal, and my mommy bought it for me for Christmas, so I knew I would be able to make it my dream table. :) Not to mention the fact that it would fill a completely empty room. I wasn't going to complain!

So- here it is before:

And here it is after:

Now I just need the second leaf, a rug, a light fixture, curtains, two upholstered armchairs, paint and art on the walls, and I will love my dining room! Who am I kidding? I will never be satisfied. But I do like the table!