Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hazel's Big Day

Today is Hazel's birthday. To celebrate, I took her to a friend's house to play while I went to work! Aren't I a great mom?

But despite the guilt I felt, I think she had a pretty good day. She didn't know the difference, and lots of people called to sing to her and made her feel very special. She was very polite and told everyone thank you for wishing her a happy birthday. She even sang Happy Birthday to Aunt Paige when she called ( I think she was a little confused by the end of the night). I am having a VERY hard time accepting the fact that she is 3! :(

There wasn't a big celebration tonight...just a couple of presents and some brownies. HOWEVER- she will be having a luau on Friday with friends and family, so that should make up for the lack of hullabaloo today. Did I just make that word up?

Here she is opening her presents.

Despite her apparent apathy, she was thrilled with her gifts and had a hard time going to bed right after this. But at least we gave her brownies topped with HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles. She found these in a drawer a week ago and has been pulling them out several times a day insisting that they will go on her cake. I hope using them as a brownie topper sufficed.

After 8 blows, all the candles were finally blown out! Happy birthday sweet girl!!!

And a big birthday hug to Lauryn!!!