Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reunion- part 2

I have so many favorite moments. It's so hard to not post every single one of the 200 pictures I took. I love my family. Here are a few of my favorite captured no particular order.

My little poopers

My sweet boys

Jon-David and his baby boy, Kyle, having a bonding moment.

The whole fam damily (minus Steve)

Erin (the most photogenic person in the world) and her son Tyler (the sweetest little nephew a tie with Kyle)

Chris having a po exchange with Tyler

Owen's slam dunk

My favorite people in the world (yes- I am including myself in that)

Me and my daddy

Hazel and her daddy

The sisters

The funniest picture EVER! Kyle's face in the background makes me pee my pants over and over. You really need to click on it to enlarge it for the full effect.

Eternal immaturity

Sweet angel face




Da boys

The grandparents...
...and their brood.

Leftovers from the fish fry (yum). G-Daddy tried to hand her a little bite and she shook her head, pointed to the whole piece of fish and said "I want THAT one!" That girl knows the way to her G-Daddy's heart!
I hate this picture of myself, but those kids are just SO darn precious. I miss them.

even MORE to come...