Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Maybe I just missed Hazel a lot today, and therefore thought everything she said during our car ride home from the babysitter's (aka Aunt Erin) was extra precious. Either way.....thought I would share some tidbits.

"Mom...when we get home can I play on the computer?"
"I don't know, Hazel.....we'll see."
"What does 'we'll see' mean?"
"It means that I won't say yes or no until we get home"
"When we get home, can you please say yes?"

Then a few minutes later I could hear her unwrapping a cough drop and I said,
"Hazel, please don't open another cough drop."
(H) "When I was at Aunt Erin's house I ate my whole cough drop."
(Me) "That's not what I heard! I heard that you spit it out."
(H) in a shocked voice "Did Aunt Erin tell you that?!?!"
(Me) "Yep"
(H) "That was supposed to be a secret!"

Later, while listening to the Lion King soundtrack she said
"Is this the part where grown-up Simba sings with Timone and Pumba?"
(me) "Yes"
(hazel) "I wish I could be in their world."