Monday, August 11, 2008

1st grade

Back to school! YAY! Owen seemed very excited about his new school. He has been a little anxious about not knowing anyone, but I think his excitement overcame his anxiety by the time we got on campus. He knew exactly how to get to his class, and he walked in the door without a backward glance. He also forgot to give his Mommy a kiss and a hug before his teachers practically shut the door in the faces of all us clingy parents. :(
I made up for that by giving him LOTS of hugs and kisses when I picked him up. He was very positive. He said his teachers were awesome and he had a great day. His favorite part of the day was when they watched a video about playground rules. That kid cracks me up.
I had to take a pic from above to make him appear smaller because I can't stand how big he is getting.

Hazel walks her brother to class.

My gigantic 1st grader

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