Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fish Whisperer?

Swim Whisperer? Whatever. Let's just call him a great swim instructor. My kids have started taking semi-private lessons from a friend from church and he has been AMAZING! The first day, Hazel screamed and cried as usual. I just went inside and let Holden do his thing. She stopped crying about 1 minute later and by the end of her class, she was excited to tell me what she had done and was actually WILLING to go back next time. It's been so great. She is still progressing a little slowly and not necessarilly thrilled to put her face under, but she does it! And she does it without screaming and fighting. That's all the progress I need!

She wouldn't even let this position happen with the last teacher...
much less this even less secure one.
He had them swim together and even "race" each other across the pool. I think that helped her get excited about it.

She even let THIS happen for a fraction of a second...
and came up with a smile on her face!!!!

Owen needed the most practice on backstroke and floating on his back. His progress has been amazing! He actually even floated on his back all by himself today without any help. I don't know why that part has been so scary for him, but I am so proud of him for overcoming!
And you should see his breaststroke! Here he is learning the proper leg movements. He made it across the whole pool today doing his breaststroke without holding his nose. What a man.

And this was my favorite poolside picture yet from this summer.