Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's the hold up?!

Today, while I was picking up Owen from school, there was a man who decided to park his car right in front of the exit for the pick up line. I mean, every person picking up their child from this school (where there are 900 students) had to swerve around him to get out of the line and back onto the road. As you can imagine, it was holding things up quite a bit and everyone was getting annoyed.

Well, if being Sue Parker's daughter has taught me anything, it's that some people are just too darn oblivious to know that they are being a nuisance, and someone needs to speak up! So of course, I took it upon myself to be that person.

All my windows were rolled down as I swerved around him and I politely yelled out the window (in my most chipper voice), "That's not a very good place to park!"

Now, in my opinion, this was not at all offensive.....that is until Hazel decided to add:

"Yeah, MORON!!!!"

What could I do besides laugh hysterically and speed away?!