Saturday, December 26, 2009

Disappointment eve

It's been a tradition in our family that on Christmas Eve, the children open one gift. For the past few years, we have made this gift a new set of pajamas (sometimes Christmas pjs, sometimes not). Owen caught on a couple of years ago and knew what to expect, but Hazel was NOT pleased. I even explained to her beforehand that she would not be opening a toy, but instead it would be something to wear. I guess she thought I was kidding.

She has become quite ungrateful lately....and rude...and sassy. It really isn't funny (most of the time), but I have to say that I laughed out loud at her reaction to the pajamas. I also reprimanded her later and gave her the "be grateful" lecture, but I just had to share. I also think it's especially cute that Owen tried to make her feel better about the whole thing.

After this video, I tried to convince her to put the pajamas on for a picture in front of the tree, but she ran off to her room with another mean grunt. Owen, however, was perfectly cooperative and posed for me...

And then he had the genius idea that he would just hold Hazel's pjs up beside him and maybe it would look like she had posed for the picture.

Then Hazel came out happy as can be in LAST YEAR'S pajamas and posed for a picture. I just took what I could get and thanked them both.

But I guess my guilt trip about her hurting my feelings when I picked those pajamas out for her kinda worked. She finally conceded and I happily claimed victory!!!!