Monday, June 15, 2009

Touristy treasures....

Nathan's sister, Natalie, and her husband, Richard came for a visit this past weekend. We took them around Phoenix and a little further north to see some of the touristy things we could think of. The first day we visited the Phoenix Children's Museum. I know I have posted pictures of this place before, but I just love it. It's just so darn cute and my kids could have stayed all day.

*Disclaimer- All pictures from this weekend were taken on my cell phone.

Owen had to be snagged for a picture

Here is an example of some of the cool artwork.. a fish made from recycled plastic bottles. So creative.

I think this was our favorite exhibit of the day. These are vacuum tubes that you can shove scarves in and watch them make their way to the top, shoot out, and float down for you to catch.

Hazel liked to change the direction of the tubes to be right on her level so they would shoot out into her face.

And she also liked her reading time with Aunt Natalie ...

She jumped in one of these tubes and started running in place and clawing at the walls and said "Look! I'm one of those things!" Luckily Aunt Natalie was smart enough to figure out that she meant a hamster....I would have guessed crazed lunatic.
Day two will be documented tomorrow.....