Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deja Vu

While working today, there was an open window through which I could hear the screams of a wild monkey. Then I thought "Wait a minute. I'm not in South America. Why is there a wild monkey outside?" so I went outside to check it out. This sweet little quail couple was sitting right outside the door. When I opened the door, they bolted and their noises changed to soft yips.

As most of you know, I am a lover of all God's creatures (*disclaimer* I firmly believe that Satan created pigeons and spiders). I whipped my phone out to take a picture of the loving couple. Then I heard a rustling in the bushes next to me and realized that there was a nest full of babies that Mom and Dad were warning with their calls. So I did what any animal lover would do and kicked the bush a couple of times so I could scare them out and get another picture. I swear there's a baby there. It's right in the corner and looks like a pile of spotted pebbles.

It brought to mind an experience I had circa six years ago. Our home in GA was across from a new neighborhood that was being plotted out for future building. It was basically trees and REALLY tall grass and some stacks of building materials. Nathan and I took a walk down said street one day and came across these:wild-turkey-chicks.jpg

Aren't they precious? I thought "Awwwww- baby ducks! There's no water around here! Where did they come from? Poor things. I will follow them and catch them and cuddle with them." A perfectly reasonable thought, no? I didn't stop to wonder why these ducklings had such long legs.

Let me tell you....you don't know fear until a wild mama turkey hen raises up out of the tall grass beside you and displays her five foot wingspan in an obvious threat to your life.

Recalling this encounter made me feel a wee bit of detestation for these quail. I mean, sure, they clucked and yelped to warn their babies of danger, but they ran away! And I'm talkin' FAR away. The closer I got to the nest, the further mom and dad ran. How sad is that? What makes one bird fiercly protective of her young and the other so self-serving? Any thoughts? Give it to me Cyndi- I know you will have some thoughts. ;)