Monday, November 8, 2010

isms that lead to life lessons

Owen in the car today playing "let's pretend" with Hazel:

"It's like you're really rich and you always have 5 dollars in your car every day and you have all the famous cd's to listen to, and someone else only has a penny in his car and just really dumb cd's and he's really jealous of you."


Hazel said to me the other day "This is how moms and dads kiss." And proceeded to close her eyes, tilt her head and stick out her tongue.

I gave her a weird look and said "Where did you see that?"

"On tv"

"What show are you watching that shows people kissing with their tongues?"


"Was it a mom and dad kissing that way?"


"Well you aren't allowed to kiss like that until you are married....and even then you don't have to. Daddy and I don't always kiss with our tongues out. I think that's kind of gross."

"No- I'm a kid. I don't kiss like that."

long pause

"But kids can pick their nose!"

Monday, November 1, 2010

out of order

I have so many pictures. I'm just having a really hard time filtering through them and deciding what to put on here! I'm sure at this point, everyone has lost interest, but I will eventually do it anyway and you will be like "Oh yeah! They went to Hawaii!"

Some of the good and bad parts of our trip:

The great- watching this old white dude take pictures of his little Asian wife frolicking in the tide. He was a proud, proud man.

The horrible- watching our plane leave the island:
about to take off
gone. sniff sniff.

The best- coming home to these crazy little munchkins and watching them get excited over all the touristy crap we bought them.

What I miss- seeing a rainbow literally every single day.