Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet....

Speaking of feet, I have to share a Hazelism. I was putting her to bed the other night and she said "Let me smell your feet."
I don't think I have ever blogged about that girl's obsession with smelling EVERYTHING! She loves when things smell good, but I kind of think she is even more satisfied sniffing something stinky (that was a fantastic alliteration, if I do say so myself).

So, anyway...
"Let me smell your feet."
"NO, Hazel! That's gross!"
(whiny voice) "Yeeeeesssss!"
(exasperated sigh) "Here. Smell my cheek instead."
(angry) "NO! That smells good! I want to smell your stinky feet!"
followed by a screaming tantrum when I wouldn't comply.


Alright- back to my original reason for posting.

Tuesday night, Owen had his first choir concert at school.

( disclaimer: My camera takes great pictures in most situations, but apparently flourescent cafeteria lighting is not our friend. If I use the flash, everything goes black...if I don't, it's just one big blur. So frustrating. )

Owen was SO stinking precious. He is so much like me on a stage. He is SUCH a performer every other day of the week, but put him on a stage and he kinda freezes. All the kids around him were doing exaggerated hand motions, but Owen kept his hands down by his side and just kind of halfway did the motions. He kept looking around at the kids next to him and giggling. He told us later that he was embarassed the whole time.

He even had a little speaking part. He says "We are learning to read rythms in music class. This rhyme shows we know about quarter notes and eighth notes. We call them ta and tee-tee."

Look (in the video) at how many kids are in the 2nd grade at his school. It's crazy big. I'm so in love with his school, but I'm starting to stress about how big it's getting. It's only K-4 and there are over 900 students!
Tonight we had our pre-Halloween events. First, we went to Owen's school carnival (rip-off) and then we went to the church trunk-or-treat.
Cutest kitty EVER (even though you can't really see her ears or her tail in these pics)
Owen was some character called "Thing" He always wants to get these superhero-type costumes and then won't even wear the mask.

My precious friend Shannon. I love her.

Shannon and Tupou's trunk

Hazel and Alex

It's kind of been a long exhausting day, and I have to get up and go to a soccer game in the morning. Soooo....why am I blogging at midnight?