Friday, March 27, 2009

Reunion- part 3 (more highlights)

Here are some more memorable moments from our trip.....

Owen lost his fourth tooth! He may look happy in this picture, but there is a sad story to go along with it. He was actually having a very bad morning and talking back repeatedly to his daddy. Sooooo- Daddy took him to the kitchen to put soap in his mouth (it has to be pretty bad for this to happen), Owen fought him, Daddy knocked his tooth out. Horrible! Can you imagine how bad Nathan felt!? I thought it was hilarious, though. That nasty tooth had been dangling on a thin thread for days- collecting food on top of it and turning weird colors. And frankly, I can't think of a more sanitary way to lose your tooth than to have soap rubbed on your gums immediately afterward. :)

Owen and G-Mommy were playing chess, and Hazel heard them talking about the bishop. She asked which one was the bishop, placed it in a circle with these other characters (10 points if you can tell me what game they are from), placed herself (the white piece) in the middle of the circle and said "Look! I'm getting baptized!" Precious.

And speaking of precious, Owen was ADDICTED to Meredith's X-box. One day while he was "in the zone," Avery came and sat next to him and literally spent a good ten minutes softly rubbing his back.
And then rested her hand on his shoulder. He was oblivious the whole time, but she just kept doing it and looking at him lovingly.

And here are some more of my favorite shots from picture day!!!
I love this one where I became mentally challenged.
And when Hazel decided she had had enough and ran away, my thoughtful, kind-hearted brother decided he would fill in for her.
Here we are prepping for the big family shot.
And I didn't have this one for my earlier post, but this was the winning shot of the day. I love how Tyler looks like he is trying to wake up Kyle.

When it was all "over" we hugged and kissed...
...and said our goodbyes.

Little did we know we would all see each other again in a couple of days! To be continued.....