Thursday, October 2, 2008

Still Summer in AZ

So- I know some places are moving on to Fall, but not here in Phoenix! We've decided to stick with Summer for another month. Why not? And I must say, now that it's down to the low 90's, "Fallmer" is quite enjoyable.

Today I threw Hazel in her stroller and Owen on his bike and we took a little ride/walk that ended at Max's (the convenience store down the street), where we treated ourselves to ICEE's and a 99cent Big Grab of Cheetos Puffs. Mmmm. I made two kids very happy.

In case any of you are noticing the time that I am posting this, yes...Owen IS supposed to be in school. He stayed home "sick" and had a very quick and miraculous recovery. Junk food heals all illnesses.

Zack attack

Owen's little friend Zack was over for lunch yesterday and randomly turned to Owen to say "You always be so handsome for school. Your hair be's all handsome."

Thanks, Zack! :)