Saturday, March 29, 2008

Game Day

Owen had his first soccer game today. I was so impressed with him at practice this week. He jumped right in, met his coach, and did everything he was asked to do without hesitation (not typical Owen behavior- he usually observes for a while before participating). And he looked like he had been playing soccer forever! He looked like such a natural. I was so excited for game day.

Here he is before he got his team t-shirt

Here he is after he got his t-shirt (looking very professional)

Warming up with Daddy
Precious, right? But the true magic started when the game began.

Here's Owen (yes-despite appearances, the game IS in progress)

Here's the rest of the team at the other end of the field...hmm....what's wrong with this picture?

Eager to have Owen participate in some form, the coach asked if he wanted to goalie :)
I was a little embarassed that I had bragged so much to Nathan about his abilities (and Nathan was a little frustrated to say the least), but I thought it was hilarious. It made for a great memory, and we had fun yelling for the rest of the team. He did actually start to run back and forth towards the end of the game, so that made me proud enough to give him a hug and a high five (and lots of praise). He says he will do better at the next game now that he knows what to expect. To our dismay, the Hornets (Owen's team) lost to the Gators. We have no idea how big of a loss it was- it was kind of hard to keep track. But I will say that Sasquatch (the nickname I gave the girl on the other team who appeared to be about eight years old) scored a couple of goals that looked Beckham inspired. We were thrilled to have Uncle Chris and Aunt Erin there to cheer Owen on (although I had to have a little talk with Erin about yelling degrading remarks to the opposing team's kids...haha). All in all it was a great day and we are so proud of Owen. He looked darn cute in those cleats and shin guards.

Being a good sport
I almost forgot my favorite part of the day! I heard the Gators' coach ask her team if they were happy and one little boy yelled "Did we win?!"